My name is Memphis Annie. I come from North Alabama and my family homeplace along US Highway 11 between Chattanooga, Tn. and Birmingham, Al.
I am a BluesWoman. I play the low down Delta Blues and guitar and that hip shakin' boogie on piano. Most of my original songs sound like they came from another time…straight out of the 20's and 30's like somethin' you'd hear in a jukejoint in the Mississippi Delta an' when I start to play and sing… I got somethin' make a preacher lay his Bible down!

I've had the good fortune to know and work with the legendary Johnny Shines, Pinetop Perkins and performed with John Lee Hooker for a brief time and was lucky to land a couple of house gigs on historic Beale Street in Memphis, Tn.

Oh, I got some good blues to sing and I got tales to tell from down here in the Deeper South… where shadows walk the riverbanks and secrets are buried deep beneath Magnolia's roots and a slow train rumbles south to New Orleans…

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