Parchman, Miss. - State Farms, Camps #10 and #1

Washington "Barrel House" White
Po' Boy (MP3) - Sick 'em dogs (MP3)

We left Camp #9 of the Arkansas state farm about 2 o'clock and spent the night at Greenville, Mississippi, across the Mississippi River. It was a stormy night; much damage was done by the wind and rain, but the next morning we had clear weather for our drive to Parchman. Mr. Lomax had made his first recording visit to Parchman in 1933. We could not see the Superintendent when we first arrived, but his assistant gave permission for us to visit Camp #10. Rain had set in and the boys could not work. We set up the machine in the wide hall of the barracks, that separates the white dormitory from the Negroes.. (A high barbed wire fence surrounds the barracks.)

Po' Boy (MP3) and Sick 'em dogs (MP3) on were sung and played by Washington "Barrel House" White, with guitar. Barrel Houses were his hangout in the "free world". Barrel House has made some commercial records.

After bidding Parchman officials goodbye, we set out for Livingston, Alabama.

Ruby Lomax
John and Ruby Lomax 1939 Southern States Recording Trip
May 23, 24, 1939

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