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Louisiana Mojo Queen

Louisiana Mojo Queen (Ms Zeno)....is the stage name of Verlinda Zeno,
a well known professional club, studio and Blues Singer. After performing all
over the world being managed by others she branched out on her own. Being a
Louisiana native.  Ms Zeno has recorded four CD's over the past ten years.
If you take the time to listen to her robust voice you will easily under-
stand why this young lady is destined to become a legend in the blues
industry.  Ms Zeno's down -to- earth personality has won the hearts and minds
of thousands of audiences and probably millions of people.  While technically
an alto her range spans to gamut from contralto  to soprano.  She effort-
lessly blends this vast range with real soulful feelings and warmth.  Zeno
has time and time captured her audience's full and undivided attention with
no more than a fling of her long streaming thick hair ( which is sometimes
blond and fairly unusual on a black blues singer ).  Her gold post, hoop
earrings or a diamond through her nose glitter fascinate and attract every
available eye.

Sultry and seductively Ms Zeno always gives her audiences their monies worth.
Amazingly, she always leaves them howling for more.  Slowly she weaves an
inescapable web and entices the listener into her world from which there is
no escape.  These are the characteristic ingredients of the consummate
performance.  Tourist traveling from other states as well as from other
countries can be seen asking directions to Ms Zeno's act.  She has a show-
stopping performance and a friendly and easy stage manner that makes
listening to her tales a grand time every time.

"My family says I could sing before I could talk," she says, as a start to
her musical background. From there she relates a fairly usual tale
of church choirs and garage bands and so on. To become better educated about
her vocal gift and to strenthen and hone her technique she attended
Northwestern State University.  She knew deep down inside that remarkable
gift would make her financially successful and eventually take her all the
way to the top.  Thinking back, her professional gig ( a gig that really
pays money) was the Louisiana Hayride at the Round Robin Country Jam.  She
also has a natural gift for Country that is startling to uninitiated.  This
is especially true she solo's and adds a bit of that down home pump to the
corn pone. Even her harshest critics recognize that she is truly an
amazing lady that has a multitude ot talents.  Give her a Microphone and five
minutes and she'll rock your world.

                      " MS ZENO GOT HER MOJO WORKING"

Ms Zeno has worked professionally on many various projects and demos, and
she has garnered a professional reputation through excellence and quality
work with other professional artist.  She made her bones for hard work,
touring and showbiz during her tenure with Little Milton and became a Pro.

"Make your audience and fans feel special;  it does not matter how good you
are, what hole you can fill, or what ideas you can bring to the stage with-
out the support of people you're nothing.  Singers come a dime a dozen, but
everybody loves an entertainer.  That's my philosophy.  Everyone I've
worked with can tell you that I can wake up the dead when I hit the stage.
This is the thing that gives me the most pride in professionalism.

Ms Zeno has extensive performances scheduled for 'LA. MOJO QUEEN, MS ZENO
BAND and MS ZENO'S DUO'.  These are two popular ensembles. She's worked
with Ms Zeno & The SKYDOGS which recorded two CD's, MS ZENO & HER MOJO BAND
they recorded one CD and MS ZENO & THE WHITE GUY which is a duo they re-
corded one CD.

Creativity:  She has become an excellent songwriter, lyricist and choreo-
graphs all of her own shows.  Everyday she expands her talent and repertoire.

Special Guest: B B King,  Issac Hayes, Woody Harelson, Courtney Love, Travis
Tritt, Lou Diamond Phillips are naming only a few special guest in the
audience at 'Ms Zeno' show. Photos are deplayed on her website.

Show Openings:  Ms Zeno has opened shows for Leon Russell, Edgar Winter,
Omar & the Howlers,  Lil Milton,  Bo Diddley,  Lynn White,  Ann Pebbles, Otis
Clay,  Bobby Rush,  Rufus Thomas,  the late Ollie Nightengale,  Albert King
and many more.

Features:  Ms Zeno the La. Mojo Queen has been fearured in Northwest
Airlines Magazine, U.S. News & World Report, vacation magazine.

Media Coverage: Ms Zeno has received local, national and international media
coverage from programs like the NBC's Nightly News with Tom Brochoff, Japan
Worlds Games and Good Morning America.

Newspaper:  The Washington Post, The Commerical Appeal, Dallas Times,
Memphis Flyer and many other throughout the nation.

Movies: Ms Zeno appeared in the movie ' Innerstate' and sang her orignal
song 'Love Denied' which is linked to her website.

Festivals:  Memphis In May, The Moore Blues Festival in Brussels Belgium,
and Italy festivals.

                        VERLINDA KERTRIA ZENO
                        Biographical Sketch


Born the third of eight children September 24th of 1962 Verlinda kertria
Zeno felt the need to sing.  Her first musical expressions began at the
tender age of 6 when she performed for her mother, her father, seven sisters
and brothers and fifteen uncles and aunts.  They all acknowledged then that
she had talent, promise and a great career ahead of her.  Little did they
know then how right they were.

Verlinda came by her talent honestly.  Her grandfather 'Forest Zeno' was
legendary in the Cane River area of Louisiana for his soulful guitar playing
and vocal accompaniments.  Her mother 'Effie Lee Zeno' was also well known
for her singing and had sung with and to Verlinda when she was just a small
child.  Ms Zeno's brother, 'Franklin' taught himself to play bass guitar and
would get her to sing with him, she was 8 and he was 9. Franklin started
his own band 'Special Touch' and had Verlinda singing lead. Little did he
know this was the beginning of her singing career.  Today'Franklin' is a well
known minister and master of music for a local congregation in Louisiana.

From family gatherings she went to church choirs and ultimately became a
popular soloist at.  She was at length in demand at many churches as well
non-religious social functions.

As her musical styling evolved and became more and more sophisticated she
developed a fascination for the earthy tones, moded and rhythms of the genre
known to all of us as "The  Blues".  This fascination was the result of deep
emotional pulls in her life and it had brought her through numerous crisis,
tragedy and struggles.

Verlinda found a home in "The Blues" and ready acceptance from the local
people and communities surrounding the river.  Her sultry tones colored
and painted pictures that the young and old alike could relate to.  She
brought forth from her deep inner-self strong rich expressive vocals that
would move even the most hardened listener to joy or sadness and sometimes
tears as she exposed these scars deeply repressed in her soul.  For this she
became known as 'The Louisiana Mojo Queen, Ms Zeno'.  It was the only way
that local people could describe the bedazzling of her audiences.

The Break

The Break didn't come easy.  From a multitude of request to perform from
groups of all shapes and sizes and many local nights clubs (ranging from the
sublime to the ridiculous) she moved from job to job not knowing for sure
if a change would ever come.  When it was least expected the renowned Rhythm
& Blues singer 'Lil Milton' had heard of her skill and brought to Memphis,Tn.

Milton was so impressed with her delivery that he immediately began training
the youthful prodigy to his act. 'The Angels'. She was an opening act and
backup singer. He was not disappointed. Eventually it was time for this Angel
to fly on her own.

This diamond could not be hid. Others began to notice the rich feeling with
which she expressed her song.  Among these were several club owners who made
overtures to book her as a solo act. The Memphis, 'Beale Street' owners won
out and she began to make the rounds of the 'Beale Street' clubs for almost
a decade. The late Albert King got her in 'B B Kings Club when it first
opened. She was the female lead vocalist for the house band until management
Verlinda sang for festivals and celebrations and received prominent if
not top bill in all of them including the famous 'Memphis in May'


Today, Ms Zeno is the mother of two sons one name 'Patrick Jones' a nine-
teen year old and the other 'Martel Zeno' a thirteen year who is continuing
the family legacy and performs along with his mother on special events.
March 18th 2001, Ms zeno became a proud grandmother of 'Torrian Jones', son
of her son 'Patrick Jones'.

Ms Zeno makes her own dolls especially designed to duplicate her stage style.
These are along with her CD'S,autographed photos and t-shirts at performance.

She has four CD's behind her and a number of bands as she continues  to
improve her act. Ms Zeno has received national acclaim and been written
about in many publications including the world famous 'U. S. News & World
Report'. Singing in a number of foreign countries and has received accolades
and recognition internationally.

Ms Zeno scheduled for tour in Italy June 21st through July 31st 2001, for the
Italian 'Blues' lovers with 'The MORBLUS BAND' which is an Italian Blues Band
Her calender is filling up with some standing dates. She is keeping the blues
alive. Interested parties should book now her band or duo. Call or write to:

                        Mojo Zeno Entertainment
                        99 North Main Suite 806
                        Memphis,Tn. 38103
                        website  http:www.mszeno.com
                        e-mail   mjdiana@earthlink.net

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